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Meditation on Peace (County Cork, Ireland)

June 19th, 2017

Enjoy a five minute meditation on peace recorded in Ireland. Spend a few minutes enjoying meditating on peace. Notice what happens when you take time to really breathe in and breathe out peace. Spend a few moments breathing peace, being peace, and extending peace to others. From a place of peace, life becomes filled with ease and joy. Remember – we are only one breath away from peace. Enjoy this meditation with Mary Anne Flanagan, Toning the OM. This was filmed in County Cork, Ireland.

This meditation is dedicated to my beloved Godfather, Uncle Billy.

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Quiet Places Within

May 26th, 2017

I notice the sky. I see fully the sunlight that bounces off the brick buildings.

I notice the clouds. I take in the shapes that fill the limitless view above me.

I notice the birds. I feel the expansive wings that encircle my very beingness.

I notice the trees. I feel the arms of the universe surround me.

I notice that beauty encircles me, light fills me, and nature supports me.

I live in a world of sounds that teach me to be alive and present.


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I Came to Love (Poem)

May 16th, 2017

I came to love
To give more love
To receive more love

I came to love
For the great mystery
Of the language of the heart

I came to love
For the magic
And the great magicians

I came to love
To learn about living
And to appreciate the dying

I came to love
To fall more deeply
Into a connection

I came to love
Fumbling and failing
And learning from it all

I came to love
As a child, friend, spouse
Strangers known and unknown

I came to love
And it met me
And I said yes

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Less Grit. More Love.

May 9th, 2017

As I begin a Mindful in May Meditation Program, I am reminded how my view of meditation changes everything. I am looking forward to sitting – just sitting. I am looking forward to chanting. I am looking forward to listening and being. For a while, my meditation practice was feeling like a chore to be done rather than a practice to be experienced. From that perspective, it was easy to skip the meditation “chore” and come up with excuses. It is humbling to go back to the meditation cushion. It reminds me that I am always the student and the teacher.

Life isn’t about gritting through it. It’s about the fullness of every experience. When we grit through our meditation or any spiritual practice, we lose out on experiencing the deeper connections that reside within us. We cheat ourselves on creating deeper connections with others.

What are you gritting through? Are you willing to let go of the grit and open to more love?

Less grit. More Love.

Go ahead – go back to your daily practice and experience the delight of deeper connections.

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May 4th, 2017

Noticing the peace
of the lover and
the beloved as One

Noticing the joy
of the inhale and
the exhale as One

Noticing the compassion
of the mind and
the heart as One

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OM Project

April 12th, 2017

We all have rhythm – really, we do! We can connect to various vibrations and rhythms that surround us. An easy place to start is in our own bodies. We can place a hand on our hearts and listen to the rhythm. We can follow the breath and see where that takes us. We can drive on a highway and feel the grooves under our wheels. I even follow the rhythm of a large fire engine outside my window by listening to the siren and making it a song.

What if we took time each day to find our own personal rhythm, our OM?

What would happen if we each listened to our most profound sound living in and through us?

Perhaps just by connecting with our personal OM, we could relate to those around us in new ways. We could connect hearts first and minds second. We could connect on deeper levels, beyond the surface conversations. We could know each other through rhythm rather than rhetoric. We would meet each other with purpose rather than puffery. We could drop judgment and choose acceptance. We could release anger and open to patience acceptance.

With our personal rhythm comes our potential. It’s living inside of us. Step out of limitation and into possibility. Listen to the OM flowing through you.

Are you willing to expand the maximum capacity of your heart?


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April 5th, 2017

Frozen earth
Sitting in the dark
Light rises
Buds blooming
Eyes opening
Touching the sky
Waiting for me
Making space for Beauty
Nature mulching
Growth is possible


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And We Greet Again

March 23rd, 2017

And this is the place where I stand.
And this is the world where I stand.
And this is the universe where I stand.

And I breathe.
And I breathe.
And I belong.
And I love.
And I long.
And I grieve.
And I desire.
And I remember.
And I greet again.
And again.

And this is the place where we stand.
And this is the world where we stand.
And this is the universe where we stand.

And we greet each other.

And we greet God in each other.
And we greet again.
And again.

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Bridging Our Inhale and Exhale

March 21st, 2017

Breathe gently in and out.

Allow the exhale to be a little longer than the inhale.

Release any tension, worry, or anxiety with each out breath.

Allow light in any form to arrive with each in breath.

Notice how your body feels while breathing the full inhalation and exhalation.

Just notice. Be aware. Be the inner note-taker.

Welcome all the thoughts. Know the exhale will take them.

Greet the critic and the judge. Embrace them.

Breathe in and out slower and deeper.

Relax into the fullness of the inhale and exhale.

Breathe all the way down to your feet. This breath will anchor you.

Breathe all the way up to the top of your head (your crown chakra). This breath will open you to your divine connection.

Take a fuller breath. Tune into the wisdom of your heart-center.

With each breath, bridge your heart and mind.

Be the observer, the anchor, the wisdom, and the breath.

Your breath takes you where you need to be ─ right here in this moment.

Welcome home.


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Finding Our Inner River

March 7th, 2017

riveroflifeAs a writer, I am often looking for the “right” word. Sometimes, I am looking for any word. It is the blank page that can either become my most meditative or dreaded moment. I am known to type notes on my iPhone, scrawl words on the back of envelopes, or fill journals (dozens of them) with meditations and ideas. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. I may not always be poetic or even grammatically correct, but the joy of writing has always superseded being a perfect writer.

When I feel stuck with writing, I read more, meditate more, and spend time in nature. I try to let go of frustration of not writing and open to what is available as my writing teacher. As my cousin in England recently wrote to me after I expressed my experience of feeling stalled in my writing:

Sometimes the river is full.

Sometimes the river runs low.

But the river is still there.

Everything has its season.

Seasons turn.

She concluded with, “Don’t give up. Keep going with your writing.”

We don’t always know who we touch with our words. So, I am going to keep writing, keep scrawling, and keep dreaming.

What keeps you going? Where do you turn when the river seems low?

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