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A Reflection on Devotion

Friday, January 11th, 2019

When I picked my word/mantra for 2018, I had no idea just how powerful it would be. My word for 2018 was: Devotion. I thought that word would be all about “Devotion” to stillness, to meditation, to love, to service, to creating, to healing, to traveling, to causes, to writing, to connections, and to nourishing peace.

What I didn’t know was that devotion to family and time. It was a year devoted to my dad as he spent most of the year ill. It was a year  devoted to time and spending as much as possible with my dad and family. And it was a year devoted to love.

As I reflect on what was a difficult and sad year, I will always be grateful for the devotion I had for my family and their devotion to me.

Perhaps I didn’t choose the word devotion for 2018, rather devotion had chosen me.

Dedicated to beloved father who passed away in September.

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Permission for Joy

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

After attending the 5th and final year of Camp Good Life Project, I had a clear sense of what nourishes me. Connections. Conversations. Community. All of those fill my heart. Meditation. Mindfulness. Mantras. Those fill my soul. Letting the rest go. Clearing the way for what comes to me and fills me up with joy. As I sat on a rock looking out at a lake, I started listening for what I could give myself permission to experience to feel more joy and more peace.

I give myself permission to…  

Take a weekend off to play;

Read the entire Sunday New York Times; 

Take a long afternoon nap;

Read three books at the same time;

Write from my heart all day;

Impulsively book a weekend get-a-way;

Connect more with nature;

Be open to not knowing;

Make room for what is next;

To experience JOY;

Love myself more.

What are you willing to give yourself permission to experience?


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Do Work That Brings You Joy

Monday, August 20th, 2018

I didn’t set out to change the world. Most people I speak with don’t either. I set out to change an intense emotion – grief. It was important to me and over the years I have found it’s important to others as well.

People want to do important work. Work that has meaning. Work that brings joy. Work that matters.

I bring the best of who I am to my work and that is enough – I am enough. And what I have learned is bringing my best inspires others to bring their best too.

There will always be nay sayers (I have my fair share of those too). The gift is knowing what you offer and finding people who are open and ready to receive.

Changing the world is too big. Changing ourselves is about finding our growing edge and expanding from there.

If it’s not important, why bother?

If it doesn’t bring you joy, move on.

If it is meaningful and joyful, keep going.

Big gratitude to everyone who shows support with my coaching and shamanic healing practice and to those who attend my meditation and spiritual retreats. It is work that brings me so much joy.

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A Meditation on Gratitude

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

You are invited to a meditation focusing on gratitude.

Take a nice slow breath – in through your nose and out through your mouth. Soften your gaze. Make your spine long and tall. Allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears.

How are you breathing? Allow yourself to breathe in and breathe out. And with your next breath, hear the words: Thank You.

Take a deeper breath. Allow more to come in and exhale and allow more to go out. Allow your mind and heart to take in more and let go more.

Invite a free hand onto a part of your body that needs some attention. Listen and send the mantra Thank You to that part of your body. Allow the mantra to move more deeply there. Breathe in and out. Follow the inhalation and exhalation. Follow your brilliance. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Direct your hand to the center of your chest – your heart center. Direct the words Thank You to your heart center. Allow the gratitude to grow in and around you. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Carry this mantra with you. Notice when you are not in gratitude. Thank You. Notice what takes you closer to gratitude. Thank you. Notice how we can be gratitude with each breath. Thank You.

And take a deep full breath in and out. Repeat the mantra: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Invitation: In the next 24 hours, find at least three people to say Thank You to and pass on a transmission of gratitude.

Open your eyes and look at the world you help co-create with gratitude. Look at the world with Thank You eyes. Look at the world with a grateful heart.

When we see this love and gratitude in ourself, it will be seen in others. Thank You.


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Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Imagine three plus days at a summer camp for adults. Image a summer camp for creative souls, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. Imagine a weekend of connecting, listening, learning, playing, creating, laughing, crying, painting, meditating, hugging, experiencing, and living with the fullness of our being. Imagine showing up as is – raw, vulnerable, happy, sad, worried, emotional, curious, anxious, hopeful, and playful. Imagine a weekend of community building, deep learning, reflective meditation, mindful conversations, and new friendships. Imagine a weekend of homecoming, soulful humanness, and joyful play. Imagine a weekend of being with allies of love, connection, and community. Imagine all of this – that’s Camp Good Life Project (CampGLP).

Imagine a weekend where conversations can be about loss and longing, place and space, love and liberation. Imagine a weekend where our day can start with meditation and end with a collaborative puzzle. Imagine art as a way to connection. Imagine art as a form of contribution and celebration. Imagine uplifting murals of hope. Imagine learning about how art can heal. Imagine a community mural with 400+ campers. Imagine getting a piece of that mural to take home. Imagine the other half of the mural going to an art project with refugees.

Imagine noticing what gives us purpose. Imagine noticing the hard things in our life right now. Imagine noticing what keeps coming back and letting it be. Imagine noticing the struggles and what makes it worth it. Imagine noticing what we can do to serve. Imagine possibility. Imagine creating possibility for others. Imagine showing up. Imagine shedding what no longer serves us. Imagine being in the home of our heart.

Imagine a conversation on race and liberation. Imagine knowing our whole and complete truth. Imagine giving up something in order to belong. Imagine belonging. Imagine settling down into being uncomfortable. Imagine beginning with our own liberation. Imagine reconnecting with our humanity. Imagine being curious about what we have lost. Imagine reclaiming our wholeness. Imagine not being defined by place. Imagine touching into the suffering of our own being. Imagine the desire to know ourselves. Imagine taking care of ourselves.

Imagine listening. Imagine where conversations can lead. Imagine being seen. Imagine celebrating. Imagine mourning. Imagine releasing. Imagine inviting. Imagine welcoming. Imagine welcoming ourselves home.

Imagine asking, “What If?” Imagine living with openness.

Imagine celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with 400+ people from around the world at a summer camp for adults. Imagine CampGLP.


Much love and gratitude to Jonathan and Stephanie Fields, the Camp GLP team, crew, and volunteers for letting us live all of this and more.

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Come Dance with Me

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Every child has known God,
Not the God of names,
Not the God of don’ts,
Not the God who ever does
Anything weird,
But the God who knows only 4 words
And keeps repeating them, saying:
“Come Dance with Me.”
Come Dance.

— Hafiz (1320-1389)

Dance with Me

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I Give Myself Permission…

Monday, August 26th, 2013

To be kind to myself

To wear multicolored socks

To take hundreds of sunset pictures

To be vulnerable

To be seen, heard, and received

To feel loved and embraced

To meditate everyday

To cry at commercials

To create my art

To sing in public

To dance around the house

To talk to birds

To create peace tribes

To practice radical generosity

To be grateful and share my gratitude

How about you? What does your permission slip say?

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Poem: Hometown

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

I sit in my hometown
Stop to get a slice
Pizza, ice tea, and a magazine
The peace of a Sunday starts 

Small local town 
Someone knows someone
Who knows everyone
I still get lost here

Sports topics surround me
And shopping of clothes
Sizes of shirts
What stores take returns

When did I start listening?
When did I stop listening?

My hometown
I left long ago
I return over and over
The ghost of the teenager
I long ago abandoned

Your order is ready
Time to leave
On the road
Over the bridge
The place of my birth
The city that took me in
When I had nothing

Now, where is home?
Here—right here
Still growing up

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Kindness Within

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

I looked for kindness and found it everywhere.

I saw kindness in the crossing guard who assisted the elderly many across the street.

I saw kindness in the woman who put money in the cup of the homeless man.

I saw kindness in the man who held the door open for two women with canes.

I saw kindness in the bus driver in the bus driver who gave directions to lost tourists.

I saw kindness in my teacher who showed me compassion.

I looked for kindness and saw myself.


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Celebrate You!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

How are you watering the garden of your heart?


How will you celebrate you this month?


Happy May!


(Photo taken by Mary Anne Flanagan)

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