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Living Lineage

Monday, February 10th, 2014

“Make a relationship with the lineage as a living force that is communicating within us right now.” ~Reggie Ray

When I began channeling the Lineage of the White Mesa in 2005 I had no idea where it was going to lead. I just knew it was time to heal with Light in the most profound way. In an article about the emergence of the White Mesa I wrote, “The Path of the White Mesa is about sharing one’s greatest light. The White Mesa is more than my own personal journey of pain. It is a rite of passage of stepping beyond the darkest moments and remembering the light.”

After co-teaching White Mesa Intensives for more than seven years, I was called to serve and teach about the White Mesa Lineage in new ways. I had a deep sense of sharing this living lineage in sacred circles throughout the world. The White Mesa lineage felt palpable and alive. Living the White Mesa lineage meant opening to the inner abyss and letting the unknown be one of the sacred teachers.

The power of living lineage is that it evolves and meets us where we are at in our lives. Living lineage is direct, honest, and uncompromising in its integrity. It blazes new trails and opens hearts. Living lineage is a willingness to bear witness to what’s happening in our lives and take a deep dive inside. It constantly gives birth to new life. Lineage is not a person or one set of teachings. Living lineage is fluid – a deepening and expanding that we’re all invited into. To take a deep dive into a lineage, we must learn to let go of expectations, spend time in a dedicated practice, and have ongoing mentoring. In this way, the lineage will be very real, intimate, and human.

Lineage 1For me the Path of the White Mesa is a lineage of emerging ancient teachings with contemporary humanity. It’s a path that is open to all. Lineage is meant to be shared, practiced, and carried on by many practitioners.

Listen for the living lineage inside of you. What does living lineage mean to you?

The Lineage of the White Mesa is a global medicine path, which includes: anchoring altars of stone and drum; shamanic mystical traditions for personal and planetary healing; an awakening of our original and evolving connection with Mother Earth, the Luminous Lineages of Light; and re-discovering our place in the primordial cosmic web of life. For those who would like to read the origin of how I came to channel the Lineage of the White Mesa, click here.

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Stewards of a New Earth

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Excerpt of a channeled message about stewardship:

Dear Ones, there is an opening, for Oneness for all who aspire to rejoice in the grace and beauty of a New Earth – an Earth that is connected and alive. The Earth is alive within you! Rejoice at the accomplishments of the many warriors of light here to pave the way and make a path for all who care to follow you into the expanded realms of infinity. Truly, you too are the warriors of light and undoubtedly this path has been challenging.

Each of you who chose this journey into unity came to earth with a motivation, a desire to uplift all who embody this great planet. You chose to create new pathways to open the possibilities for all who wish to follow in your very courageous footsteps. Because of your achievements there is a light shining brightly around Earth and there is hope for all willing to wake up.

Now is the time to release yourself from the dark, and call forth the fruits of the Earth to sustain you. The Earth Mother cannot do your work for you. Instead, Earth Mother will simply be with you to be observers, while also being present when you call to her to feel freer.

Yes, we have called upon you as warriors of light because Earth and Heaven wish to wait no longer.  Earth is constantly changing, is constantly evolving and as such, so too are you. Your Heaven on Earth is always growing and you may be feeling yourself stretch beyond your normal comforts. Keep stretching yourself.

The question to you now is: Could you put down the plow even if you wanted to? Knowing what you know now about Heaven and Earth, could you turn your back and close your eyes on the work you are called to Be in the world?

Many wonder how the separate parts of the whole can rejoin after centuries of separation and discord. We assure you that there has been enough suffering and strife for the whole to realize that there is a better way. We are calling to you to be a part of this new way for a New Earth as Stewards. Stewardship will be represented by union, connection, service, and shared intention for the highest good and you are the forefront of this new and unfamiliar journey.

(Photo and Channeling Message by Mary Anne)

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Luminous Healers

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

As part of my preparation for an upcoming shamanic weekend focusing on luminous healers, I spent time listening to this in my meditation. Here is a piece of what I will be sharing to the Luminous Healers this weekend:

You are the Healer you seek. Conceived in the dark and born on a thread of light. Many choose to stay in the womb: the comfort of the dark safety of their mother. Many still live in the womb – afraid of their ever shining light. When did you become so afraid of your Light?

Each of you has a birth, a rebirth, and an unbirth story. The birth story is the one you were told, the rebirth story is the one you want to tell, and the unbirth story is the yet to be conceived story. This is the story of the future – the birth of your Light. Are you willing to fully birth your Light?

Those who stay in the womb see a picture of despair before their eyes. This is the thread that points out your guilt, your unhealed state, and your rage at humanity. Escaping to the cosmos only delays the healing. As Luminous Healers, you must work with the Light in your earth-self. As you come closer to your Light Self, you will recognize exactly the paths which you were meant to take.

You have been called to leave the womb. You have been called to share your Light. Your healing is a witness to humanity.

Luminous Healers – draw upon the Light – your Light. Pay attention to your attention. Pay attention to what is right in front of you. Pay attention to your present. Pay attention to your Presence.

Draw forth your future self, right here, right now. Indeed Lumineers, you are ready. You are born ready. You are being birthed again and again.

Welcome home. Welcome to your Dawn Star. Welcome to your Light. Birth Your Light.

Now, go shine Light – Lumineers – go shine your Light.

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A New Perspective

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

My spiritual teacher and I randomly picked pages from Emmanuel’s Book II: The Choice of Love and read them aloud to each other. We sat quietly and shared what word or phrase spoke to us. Then my teacher decided on her turn to read the words of the page backwards. It read like this:

Love own His of
Name the in
created has He
things all to relates God as
compassion With

chosen have you lessons the
beautifully and clearly
given been having for
gratitude and joy With

knowing own your of
heights the from
humor with and
understanding loving With

[Start from the bottom and read right to left.]

It was perfect. It is perfect. Changing perspectives. Opening hearts.


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You Are Heaven on Earth

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Excerpt of a channeled message about experiencing your heaven on earth:

 As we sit together as one, I want to speak to you about your oneness – what some may call Heaven on Earth. I have heard many speak about ‘Waiting for Heaven.’ Have you listened to that – really listened to the words, waiting for heaven? As we awaken from the slumber we have been living in, we are being welcomed into a new consciousness. I invite you to open to embodying heaven on earth. Heaven in our bodies. Heaven in our breath. That is heaven. You are heaven. You are heaven on earth. There is no need to wait for heaven – for heaven is here, now. You my dear one, are heaven on earth.

 It is time to plant this seed into all consciousness – of every living experience from beings to waters to mountains to stones and beyond. This is your mythical journey sprouting – the unfolding of your life. You are awakening to a new relationship with your consciousness – have you felt it? This new cosmic consciousness…this heaven on earth and earth in heaven. Are you awake to your heaven on earth? Breathe that in, dear one. You are heaven on earth.

Excerpt of Channeling for the White Mesa: Cosmic One through
Mary Anne Flanagan

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Let It Go. Let It Flow.

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Last night at a healing circle I led, the focus was letting go. I asked the participants to think about what they wanted more of and to make room for it by letting go of something (or someone). I invited folks to release anything that was not serving them anymore and was only clutter in their life, their heart, or their mind. As I often do, I used a cup of tea as a metaphor. We can’t pour a cup of tea if it is already full of water. We need to empty our cups. And like a full tea cup, we need to empty our mind clutter and clean it out from time-to-time. By making space, we can experience more joy, more peace, more light, more laughter, more compassion, and more of what we really want.

This focus of letting go continued again this morning. I was on a Wake Up Meditation call with my friend, Joe Monkman. He asked us to focus on boundaries and limits. During the meditation he asked some questions about boundaries and letting go: Where can I loosen up myself? Where can I expand the limitations that I have imposed on myself? What do I need to let go of in order to expand my boundaries? Is there anything I need to let go of in order to loosen the boundaries a little bit?

I love when life is clear with where the focus ought to be. It’s as if Joe was reminding me that the lesson I was inviting others to notice was for me as well.

It’s time to let “it” go. It’s time to let “it” flow. Amen.

Mary Anne

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Love Shakes Things Up

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I had an amazing conversation and channeling session with Joe Monkman last week. I wanted to make some space to deepen my relationship with “trust.” I wanted to listen to trust.

First, Joe started with a soft meditation. As I breathed in and out, I was reminded how trust was built into breathing and that I didn’t need any approval to breathe. I felt very calm. After the meditation, I wrote, “Listen to the love of yourself and the whole worlds hears it.”

Joe then started channeling with the assistance of his Spirit Guides, At One. I was asked to listen to the Eternal OM. At One invited me to listen to the unending, limitless OM – to be in the Eternal OM and rest in that sacred center. It is in that space that the deepest trust exists – for it is my own vibration.

At One then spoke about LOVE:
Love doesn’t look for approval.
Love does not worry.  
Love trusts – allows what is to be what is.
Sometimes love shakes things up and that’s grace.

Imagine inviting in more love and more grace. Nothing to do, but be love.

How is love shaking things up in your life?

Trust is shaking up love. And love is shaking up trust. Perfect!

Mary Anne

Special thanks to Joe Monkman for his friendship, support, and love.

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