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I Am a Mirror of You

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

One day my spiritual teacher asked me what I admired most about a new friend I had just met. I said, “She is smart, creative, and funny. She is generous, kind, and heart-centered. I admire her tenacity, her openness, and dedication to spirituality.” My teacher said, “That sounds a lot like you.” With a smile on my face, I thought, “Really?” She went on to say, “What you see in her is what is inside of you. She is simply a mirror looking back at you.”

What positive aspect of another is showing up in your life as a mirror looking back at you?

Mary Anne

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Stillness in 20-Zen

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Zen Still LifeAs we start the New Year, may it begin with stillness. In the quiet places of our hearts, may we take a moment each day to breathe slowly and deeply, and then step into our day from a sense of peacefulness. I am not one to make resolutions, however, I do look at my year and set goals with clear action steps, and time for reflection. I am also starting a new accountability project with a friend that will allow us to share where we are at with our goals, express our learning, and any roadblocks. I am holding myself accountable to writing more and slowing down the pace. This might mean attending less events and an emptier calendar and it feels the perfect way to start 2010 (aka 20-Zen). In an effort to take this Zen approach this year, I offer some of my meditations as a way to explore stillness in 20-Zen.

“We are all just a thought away from stillness.”

“Do it afraid. Do it despite yourself. Do it anyway.”

“You hold the Master key to the prison of your mind.”

“Bring love to all your work and inspired action will follow.”

“Rest in the place of great love.”

“I smile. You smile. The world smiles.”

“Life is full of music. What song are you singing?”

“Forgiveness is the window of the soul through which only light shines.”

“When stressful thoughts arise, breathe them, bless them, and blow them away with love.”

“Saying a prayer is expressing a big part of you to a bigger part of YOU.”

“How you breathe and how you feel are related. Breathe love.”

“Begin a resting practice of noticing the space between the words.”

May 2010 bring you a love-filled year with unshakable peace. Happy 20-Zen!

— Mary Anne

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Ever-Changing Light

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Ever Changing LightThere are some places you can visit and there is no need to return. There are other places you visit and you can go over and over and over again. This type of place offers respite and beauty – where you can hear the whisper of the wind, the wings of a bird as it flies above your head, and watch as the earth rises up to meet the sky and back again. It’s where you can rest in the place of crashing waves, pine tree trails, and ocean buoys singing. This is the type of journey where day blends into night and the night stars guide you home. Maine is one of those places for me.

Since 1996, I have traveled to Maine because I love the beauty of the mountains and the ocean. I love seeing the sea and standing at tree level. About every three years, I go to Maine for vacation. It’s the type of vacation where I usually end up hiking many trails, climb up hills and rocks, meditate, read lots of books, and walk for hours. I often find myself drawn back to Maine. There are so many parts of being there that draw me back – the hiking trails, ocean waves, eating lobster on the rocks, the canopy of pine trees, watching sunrises from Cadillac Mountain, bald eagles, and popovers at Jordan’s Pond. But after two full weeks in Maine this summer, one thing really stood out – the light. I realized what draws me back to Maine is the ever-changing light. The glow of the light from sunrise to sunset awakens me.

It’s the light that gives me energy. It’s the light that wakes me up and helps me sleep as dusk and dark arrive. The ever-changing light reminds me that anything is possible. I am drawn towards the light in all ways.

What places call you back home to yourself? What light are you drawn towards?

Welcome home.

This is dedicated to Lorene and all my friends who spent vacation time in Maine enjoying the beauty of the Earth

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