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What Is the Call of Your Heart?

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

How can we slow down long enough to hear our own heart?

How do we return to our wild, untamed selves?

How do we make plans and stay open to serendipity?

How do we sit in uncertainty and trust that the universe will provide?

These are just some of the questions I sat with during a recent sabbatical. For me it all started with taking conscious breaths. I breathed into my heart center until it expanded more and more. I began each day asking, “What does my Being want today?”

I listened with my whole body. I noticed I took longer pauses and was willing to sit in the quiet. I had to break all my routines in order to deeply connect with my inner self. I stopped my world and I noticed I wasn’t as busy as I once believed. As I sat in the emptiness, emotions rose and connections to mySELF deepened.

My invitation to you is to break some routines. Take a new path to work. Try a new food. Do something unfamiliar. Listen more.

All of this inner work has allowed me to connect, expand, and co-create in new ways. I have emerged from my time of stillness with incredible meditations that I will be sharing at my upcoming Wild Cosmic Heart Retreat in Hawaii at Kalani Oceanside, November 3 – 9, 2013. Take a deep dive into your heart in a magnificent tropical setting!

Only a few spots left so if you are interested, please let me know by July 31. (Partial scholarships available and payment plans accepted.)

Let’s expand together in Hawaii!

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How Will You Fall into Trust?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

After returning from an incredible two week vacation where I had to trust that work would get done while I away and trust that I could leave work behind, I realized how much trust plays in my life. When I started thinking about trust, I remembered how I taught “Trust Falls” with junior high school students about twenty years ago. I was trained with New York City Outward Bound and I worked with youth in the South Bronx on team building. After some ice-breakers and strategic games, the final activity was a Trust Fall. A young person would have to stand on a table with their back to a group who had their arms criss-crossed waiting to catch them. The person doing the falling would shout, “Fall.” The group had to respond “Fall Away” and after hearing that, the participant would say “Falling” and lean back and land into the group who would catch them.  The whole group would gently place the person back on their feet. Each one of these trust falls would inevitably end with applause.

The activities took great concentration, teamwork, and of course, trust. For many youth, this was the first time they allowed themselves to become vulnerable with a group or trust someone. If a young person became scared (many did), I would invite the group to share their thoughts and feelings. The teenagers were amazing as they expressed encouragement to their peers. They would share things like, “You can do it”, “We have your back”, or “We won’t drop you.”

Twenty years later, I still remember many youth from IS167 on Webster Avenue and see them close their eyes and drop into the hands of their peers. As we begin a new season, let us turn to one another and say, “Fall.” Fall away……

How will you Fall into Trust?

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Only Carry What Is Necessary

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

My office is going through major renovations. We have spent the past week packing up everything in our offices and can only take with us what is necessary. What a wonderful practice—to only carry what is necessary. It made me look at what I need vs. what I want.

How much am I carrying around with me as a form of comfort or because I want to hold onto it to feel more secure? What am I willing to let go of? Throwing things away or giving them away is such a practice in freedom. The emptier my office, the lighter I feel.

As I was packing my last box, I looked at my desk and saw my favorite pen, my coffee mug, a couple of books, and a Margaret Wheatley poster. The poster was rolled up and looking down I read, “Trust that meaningful conversations can change your world.” What a great reminder that stuff will come and go, but what remains are the relationships built and sustained. Meaningful conversations are necessary and are coming with me on my move.

Next week the walls are coming down—that’s a whole other lesson!

Mary Anne

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How Are You Growing the Garden of You?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

This past weekend I noticed amazing flower gardens all over New York City. As I walked through the Central Park Conservatory, I stared at flowers. Looking deep into the colors, I wondered when the seeds were planted. I became curious about the depth of the roots. I noticed so many beautiful flowers fully grown and came to realize that this is the ultimate trust in nature that exists.

How am I like that flower? Where do I plant seeds in the hope and trust that they will fully blossom? How far down are my roots and which ones will I allow to become unearthed in new and amazing ways?

In every way, I trust that I will grow.

Mary Anne

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