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Harrowing Haircuts

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Get out of the chair. Get out of the chair. That was what the voice in my head was saying as I was sitting getting a haircut. I had already asked the hairdresser more than once to be gentle with my head. She had jerked my head from side to side as she was cutting it. Finally, as she started blow-drying my hair, I saw she had not listened to me about the style of cut I had stated I wanted. After taking a deep breath, I said, “Stop.” I stood up with the towel around my neck draped in the robe and said I wanted the assistant manager to fix my haircut. The hairdresser looked at me and said, “What’s your problem?” I walked away and sat in the waiting area and asked for the assistant manager and explained that I was unhappy and needed her to fix the haircut.

My voice was shaking, my hands were shaking, and I just wanted to run out of the salon. I knew I needed to speak up. I knew I needed to get out of the chair. I knew I needed to have someone more gentle and aware of what they were doing and how they were treating a client.

In general, I hate getting my haircut. I usually dread getting it. I feel so vulnerable in the chair while someone with scissors ultimately decides how long or short or how straight or wavy they make my hair. There is something unnerving about getting haircuts.

As I have declared 2013 my year of Daring Deeply, it took all my courage to get out of the chair and advocate for myself. I am learning to trust that inner voice more and more and take action. Life is about opening our hearts and listening to the calling of wisdom that beckons us forward.

Here is what that experience taught me: Get out of the chair. Speak up. Take peaceful actions.

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What Question Shifts Your Thinking?

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I woke up one morning this week to the sound of pouring rain. It’s the kind of rain that makes you think it might come right through the roof. My first thoughts were of my commute and ‘worrying’ that the trains would be delayed. Trudging through many puddles, I made my way into my office. I unfolded my umbrella and realized that my pants were soaking wet from my knees down. I made a hot cup of tea to warm up as I listened to the cold rain drops hitting my office window.

Later in day, I felt like I wanted to stay cocooned in my office. I looked outside and all I saw was a dark, dreary sky and heavy rain, still pouring down. I wondered what I could do to shift my thinking about the rain. I decided I would ask myself what I loved about rainy days and make a list. I posed a question on Facebook: “What do you love about rainy days?” Within minutes a number of responses came in. People shared they loved spending rainy days “sleeping, reading, napping, going to the movies, smelling the air, noticing how the gray wet brings out bright colors elsewhere, having the opportunity to curl up with a good book or meditating to sounds.”

There it was – all I needed to know about the best part of rainy days. I asked a question that would shift my thinking and with that the whole day changed. I was no longer dreading my commute home. Now, all I could think about was a cup of chocolate mint tea, a good book, and a quiet night.

What questions do you ask to shift your thinking?

To celebrating rainy days,
Mary Anne

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Gratitude Attitude – Part 2

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Gratitude part 2I recently posted a blog about gratitude being an attitude that can become a habit like brushing your teeth. I also realized that I am surrounded by people who express and share their gratitude on a daily basis. Last week I posted the question on Facebook – what are you grateful for? All around the world, people responded with their gratitude list and gave permission to share it…pass it on…

“I’m grateful for my kids, hubby, parents, friends, family, new beginnings & abundance in everything…just to mention a few.” Lizelle Botha, South Africa

“I am grateful for my family & friendships that brighten my day, lighten my moods. I am grateful to those that broaden my horizons to see with clarity, appreciation and joy, all that I have to offer and encourage me to do more, grow richer with experiences, live life in a fuller, richer, spiritual manner. I am grateful”… Karen Brown, NY, USA

“Today I am grateful for opening my eyes to see another day full of possibility. I am grateful that I have one more day to enjoy, and be amazed, and to be involved with life. Today I am grateful for the light in the eyes of my friends and family. I am also grateful for the roadblocks and failures in my life. They turned out to be valuable lessons that led me to new opportunities and connections I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” Monica Snook, North Carolina, USA

“I’m grateful for my husband, my life, another day to be who I am full out. I’m grateful to realize my potential with each passing day and see what I manifest in my mind come into being. I’m more than grateful for every obstacle I face each day, because it brings on another solution and possibility for growth within myself and opens doors for others who come after me. I’m grateful for the opportunities: to turn others’ pity for me into respect, others’ presumption of my lacking ability into realization I have boundless gifts…” Monica J. Foster, North Carolina, USA

“I am grateful for my life and my humor. If not for my humor my laptop may be floating in a lake nearby. I am grateful for Radical Forgiveness and the change is has made in my life. I am grateful to facebook for bringing so many wonderful people who are able to be who they are and say so! I am grateful for all the beautiful people who are in and who have left my life as I now know.” Tammy Downs, New Hampshire, USA

“One on today’s Gratitude List …my cold-nosed, tail-wagging boys, Micah and Max. Beyond that, today I’m most grateful for my friends (and Facebook!), all the rain, a sense of humor, and all that I’ve yet to learn.” Karen Burd, NY, USA

“I am grateful for my 5 human senses to experience the wonderful extremes that life on earth offers and having that choice after to decide on which experience I would like to merge with and live with for the rest of my life. I am grateful to consistently be aware of what a genius our Creator is.” Aaron d’Almeida, Singapore

“At this very moment, I am grateful for the “Wake up call sound of the Thunder” rumbling as I work. It’s keeping me grounded and aware of something bigger and alive and is breaking up the mind chatter. What a gift!”  Robin Coley, NJ, USA

“I am grateful for the gift of creativity and people to share and create with. It’s one of the gifts that keep on giving.”  Michelle Broomfield, NYC, USA

“Everything….absolutely everything….” Ann Crawford, USA


Mary Anne

I am grateful for a life full of gratitude, to all who generously shared their gratitude list, for teaching, for being a student, for naps, sun and thunderstorms, lobster rolls, granola, crunchie bars, long walks, my family and friends, and love in all forms.

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